Cada año, religiosamente, nos damos a la tarea de escuchar atentamente las propuestas musicales más novedosas; así como las producciones más recientes de un sinnúmero de artistas y géneros. Con cierto atraso – pero con mucha convicción – les entregamos (como cada año) el top 100 de lo que nosotros consideramos han sido los mejores álbumes del año. Con esto empezamos el 2019 para seguir compartiendo con ustedes – muchos o pocos lectores – lo que más nos apasiona: Mucha música.

1.- “On Dark Horses” by Emma Ruth Rundle

2.- “Time & Space” by Turnstile

3.- “Alive In New Light” by IAMX

4.- “Catharsis” by Machine Head

5.- “I Loved You At Your Darkest” by Behemoth

6.- “Boundless” by Long Distance Calling

7.- “Everyone Afraid To Be Forgotten” by IONNALEE

8.- “Muerte” by Will Haven

9.- “Achromata” by Aesthesys

10.- “Epitaph” by God Is An Astronaut

11.- “Vortex” by Toundra

12.- “Prequelle” by Ghost

13.- “The Sciences” by Sleep

14.- “So Sad So Sexy” by Lykke Li

15.- “En Cas de Tempête…” by Cœur De Pirate

16.- “Beautiful Ruin” by Converge

17.- “Ordinary Corrupt Human Love” by Deafheaven

18.- “Thank You For Today” by Deathcab For Cutie

19.- “Time Will Die & Love Will Bury It” by Rolo Tomassi

20.- “Is This Thing Cursed?” by Alkaline Trio

21.- “Palms” by Thrice

22.- “Alysu” by Anatomy Of The Bear

23.- “Infinite Games” by The Black Queen

24.- “Infections Of A Differentiations Kind (Step 1)” by Aurora

25.- “Dark All Day” by Gunship

26.- “A Patient Man” by Cult Leader

27.- “Vaxis • Act I: The Unheavenly Creatures” by Coheed & Cambria

28.- “All This Will Be” by Closer

29.- “Northern Chaos Gods” by Immortal

30.- “Alba – Les Ombres Arrantes” by Hypno5e

31.- “Jord” by Møl

32.- “The Laurels Of Serenity” by Red Apollo

33.- “Lush” by Snail Mail

34.- “Through The Void” by Garganjua

35.- “Room Inside The World” by Ought

36.- “Tü” by Alien Weaponry

37.- “In The Blood” by Marvelous Persona

38.- “Black Wash” by Pagan

39.- “Drift” by The Men

40.- “Desierte” by Serpyants

41.- “The Green Lodge” by Laika

42.- “The Lamb” by Lala Lala

43.- “We Already Lost The World” by Birds In Row

44.- “We All Know” by Talons

45.- “Bareback” by Throat

46.- “Where We Were Together” by Say Sue Me

47.- “The Bluest Star” by Free Cake For Every Creature

48.- “White Noise & Black Metal” by Craft

49.- “Head Cage” by Pig Destroyer

50.- “Love In Shadow” by Sumac

51.- “A Productive Cough” by Titus Andronicus

52.- “Im All Ears” by Let’s Eat Grandma

53.- “Acid Dad” by Acid Dad

54.- “Only Love” by The Armed

55.- “Too Far Gone” by Cane Hill

56.- “The Hurt Will Go On” by Code orange

57.- “Street Safari” by Public Access TV

58.- “Firepower” by Judas Priest

59.- “Crush Crusher” by Ian Sweet

60.- “Would You Rather” by Thick

61.- “Moaning” by Moaning

62.- “Quit The Curse” by Anna Burch

63.- “You Wont Get What You Want” by Daughters

64.- “Phanerozoic I: Palaeozoic” by The Ocean

65.- “Strange Fruit” by Zeal & Ardor

66.- “Nightstand” by Tancred

67.- “The Worm’s Heart” by The Shins

68.- “Ion” by Portal

69.- “Sweall” by Tiny Moving Parts

70.- “Sunset Blush” by Kississippi

71.- “Book Of Bad Decisions” by Clutch

72.- “Be The Cowboy” by Mitski

73.- “High As Hope” by Florence + The Machine

74.- “Only Love” by The Armed

75.- “Dear Nora” by Skulls Example

76.- “Dove” by Belly

77.- “Heir To Despair” by Sigh

78.- “Licancabur” by Red Sun Arcana

79.- “Burnt Sugar” by Gouge Away

80.- “Life On Ares” by Plainride

81.- “21st. Century Liability”

82.- “When My Heart Felt Volcanic” by The Aces

83.- “It’s To Hard To Have Hope” by Svalbard

84.- “Ruiner” by Nothing, Nowhere

85.- “Errorzone” by Vein

86.- “Golden Serpent God” by Akhenaten

87.- “The Sea” by Somali Yacht Club

88.- “Bought To Rot “ by Laura Jane Grace & The Devouring Mothers

89.- “Foiled” by Temple Of Angels

90.- “Butterflies Drink Turtle Tears” by Human People

91.- “Calm Black Water” by REZN

92.- “Alta Montaña” by Ultra

93.- “Stella” by Super Unison

94.- “Full Bush” by Full Bush

95.- “Stop Pretending” by Convenience

96.- “Feast For Water” by Messa

97.- “Fortress of Primal Grace” by Vallendusk

98.- “Superorganism” by Superorganism

99.- “RAUSCH” by Gas

100.- “We Will Rise Again (Far Cry 5 OST)” by Hammock

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